Silver Salt

\ˈsil-vər ˈsȯlt\


a. Silver Salt (or silver halide) are used in photographic film, where silver salt crystals in gelatin are coated on to a film base or glass. The gelatin is a vital part of the emulsion as the protective colloid of appropriate physical and chemical properties.



b. Silver Salt is a production studio specializing in commercial, product and event photography, videography & post-production. It is pursuing a curious philosophy by continuously improving, studying new techniques and testing new artistic directions, striving to always deliver the very best product to its clients.

Located in the center of Beijing, Silver Salt combines passion, experience and cutting-edge individuals to the most advanced technologies and equipments, offering our clients beautiful and consistent imagery that can be used on a wide range of media such as websites, brochures and advertorials.

More than a studio, we offer turnkey creative services. Working hand in hand with our clients, from the brainstorming session to the post-production, we make sure that we offer a unique and distinctive solution that serves the client’s needs and wants – both from an artistic and a commercial perspective.

银盐工作室,提供专业的商业、产品和活动的摄影摄像及后期制作。我们以「对好奇心的追求」作为公司哲学,不断革新、研究新技术及实验新的艺术展现方式,为客户持续带来最优质的服务。坐落于北京中心地带,银盐将热忱且富有经验的尖端人才与最先进的技术及设备相结合,以高水准的专业态度,为我们的客户提供可应用于各媒体平台的精美视觉产品。 在摄影摄像之外,银盐还提供一系列创意服务。从集思广益的头脑风暴到后期制作,我们与客户紧密协作,确保我们提供的独具一格、个性鲜明的解决方案,从艺术和商业角度来看皆可满足客户需求。